Why did YouTube remove dislikes?

Why did YouTube stop showing dislikes?

On the downside, YouTube sees that the number of dislikes is “harming part of our ecosystem through dislike attacks as people are actively working to increase the number of dislikes on content creators’ videos,” the CEO wrote, and such attacks often target content creators. who are smaller and those who are just. start.

Why did YouTube actually remove the dislikes? Wojcicki reiterated much of what we had heard previously from a YouTube spokesperson, saying that the dislikes were removed because they were sometimes a reflection of the viewer’s opinion of the channel and not the video itself. See the article : What is the most viewed film ever?.

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Are views more important than subscribers?

In short, both YouTube subscribers and YouTube views are important. On the same subject : What was the lowest budget for a movie?. However, getting more YouTube subscribers can translate to more targeted traffic, exposure, and views.

Why do I have many subscribers but no view? If you move too far away from a subscriber-generating video style/format, your fans run the risk of becoming disinterested. They may not unsubscribe, but they will stop coming to see your new videos or only watch a portion of them which will give you weak watch time and impact your overall views.

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