Which is No 1 web series in Netflix?

What was the most watched series on Netflix in 2022?

1. Stranger Things – 59,351 points. “Stranger Things” is one of the biggest and most watched shows on Netflix due to its distinctive storyline, thrilling scenes and fantastic characters. See the article : How Long Does field hockey last?. This sci-fi and horror show has four seasons, with the first season released in July 2016 and the last season in May 2022.

What is the most watched series of 2022? The 100 most popular and trending TV series of 2022

  • Dragon house. …
  • The Lord of the Rings: The rings of power. …
  • Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer. …
  • The list of terminals. …
  • Decoupled. …
  • Separation. …
  • The man of sand. …
  • She-Hulk: lawyer.

What are the most watched series on Netflix?

#TV (English)Hours displayed
1DAHMER: Monster: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer299.840.000
2Dynasty: Season 544,610,000
3Destiny: The Winx Saga: Season 226,400,000
4Cobra Kai: Season 520,820,000

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Who is No 1 in TRP?

Name of the serialAnupama
ChannelStar more

Is the TRP of 1 GOOD? The TRP rate is calculated by keeping the numerator as the number of impressions from the sample and the total target audience is designated as the denominator role and is multiplied by 100. In today’s world, a TRP score of 3 is considered good and satisfying.

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