What is the top 1 Best Movie?

What rating is higher than R?

NC-17. The NC-17 rating is the highest rating (even higher than the R rating) that can be given to a film, and it means that the film is for adults only (18 and over) and we anyone aged 17 or under will be admitted. .

Is Ma worse than R? What is this? TV-MA rated TV Show/Program may contain material rated R and NC-17. To see also : Which came first ice or field hockey?. TV-MA can therefore be considered a more limited or worse grade than R.

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What is the most watched on Netflix ever?

Although, even after it amassed more than a billion hours of viewing, Stranger Things still fell short of Squid Game as the most popular Netflix show of all time. This may interest you : What is the duration of men’s field hockey match?. The Korean drama about a sadistic game still reigns supreme on the platform – and it’s going to take a lot to overtake those massive viewing figures.

What is the #1 Netflix show of all time? Netflix said “Squid Game” was its biggest original series ever with 142 million households watching in the first four weeks. It topped “Bridgerton,” which was watched by 82 million households. Insider ranked Netflix’s biggest originals based on how many member households watched each in the first 28 days.

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