How much money does God want us to give?

The Lord commanded us to pay tithes. In return, He promises to “open… the windows of heaven, and pour out… a blessing, so that there is not enough space to receive it” (Malachi 3:10). His blessings, however, come in His way and in His time and can be spiritual or temporal.

How do I calculate my tithe?

How do I calculate my tithe? See the article : How can I get true wealth?.

  • First, add up your total annual income before taxes (this is your gross income).
  • Then, choose the tithe percentage you wish to give (example: 10%)
  • Move the tenths percent decimal two spots to the left (example: 10 becomes .10)

Do I pay tithe on gross or net? You should base your tithe on taxable income. To my LDS friends, Romney may have just answered your question about tithing â use taxable income. Or, use adjusted gross income and skim a little.

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What is money spiritually?

We put money directly in the spiritual realm because money represents a symbol of participation in the economy. This may interest you : What wealth really means?. We learned that money is both the way God rewards us for serving his other children and also how he motivates us to do this.

Is the soul a currency? Spiritual currency, or soul currency, if you prefer is a medium for exchange between individuals and made of inner assets such as love, generosity and integrity. The currency of the soul is the language of the heart. Unlike water and oil, love is not a commodity, although many of us try to buy it and trade it in the same way.

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