What is the hardest part of hockey?

What sport has highest IQ?

The results of the test showed that the fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) had the highest IQ of all sportsmen, with a score of 112. To see also : Is American football better than soccer?.6.

Which game has the highest IQ? But we cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence. When you look at bowlers on an individual level, you find that 88 percent of them have above average intelligence. ”

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Which sport has the most luck?

His research showed that ice hockey (based on the results of the NHL) is the sport that controls the most luck compared to American football, European football (soccer), baseball, basketball and chess.

Which sport takes the most talent? A boxing match. Sweet Science. It is a sport that demands a lot from the athletes who compete in it. See the article : What is the easiest field hockey position?. Harder than football, harder than baseball, harder than basketball, harder than hockey or soccer or cycling or skating or fishing or billiards or any of the 60 other sports that we marked.

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