Who owns Graceland now 2022?

Does Michael Jackson own Elvis?

However, Jackson never managed to acquire any rights to Elvis Presley’s catalog. To see also : How much did Lisa Marie Presley inherit?.

Who owns the Elvis music rights? The rights to the Elvis catalog are currently owned by Authentic Brands Group, whose portfolio includes celebrity brands such as Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali.

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Does Elvis still get royalties?

Billboard estimates Presley’s catalog generates an average of $12 million in publishing royalties per year over the past three years; of that, Authentic Brands took about $4. See the article : Do the Jacksons still own the house in Gary Indiana?.5 million.

Who owns Elvis Presley’s music? Sillerman and his new media and entertainment company CKX acquired an 85% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises, including its physical and intellectual property. In November 2013, the company sold its 85% interest in EPE to Authentic Brands Group.

Does Graceland still make money?

Since his death, his estate has continued to profit from the sale of the late star’s music and visits to the Graceland mansion-turned-museum.

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