Which birth month is the most attractive?

Whats the most popular birthday in the world?

Do you know what birthdays are the most common in the world? If you guessed September 9th, then you are right! This date is very busy with births, as an average of 12,301 people are born on this day.

What is the least common birthday in the world? The least common Christmas Day is the least common), while New Year’s Day is the second least common. Thanksgiving and Fourth of July also rank low on the list. This may interest you : Was Michael Jackson a genius?. And perhaps because the conception of summer is not as common as winter, April 20 is the 328th most common date.

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What birth month is romantic?

But did you know that your birth month can reveal a lot about your love life? People born in January have a very attractive personality so the opposite sex is easily attracted to them. Read also : Can you bleach your skin?. These people express their love in a very romantic way.

What is the most successful birth month? It turns out that most successful people are born in October, with June and July not far behind…. Here are the findings, sorted from the most successful to the least successful:

  • March: 23 birthday.
  • August: 21st birthday.
  • February: 20th birthday.
  • December: 19th birthday.
  • November: 17th birthday.

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