What is the name Bob mean?

Robert is a name that suggests giving up what you want so that other people can have what they need. Like a six-sided cube, your personality is stable and balanced. You are very creative and artistically oriented, but also ready to take action to achieve your goals.

What are characteristics of Robert?

BYou are romantic, sensitive, peace-loving, sociable, brave & Determined.
EYou are curious, imaginative, fun and free.
RYou are a realistic, tolerant, efficient, self-determined and compassionate person.

What is special about the name Robert? Robert was a name often given to royalty and nobles in Europe in the Middle Ages. This is thought to contribute to its widespread popularity in the United States and throughout Europe today. The name signifies royalty and nobility in several cultures.

Is Robert a good name?

Rooted in the ancient Germanic name Hrodebert, this strong title means “bright glory” and certainly lives up to its good acclaim. From renowned Scots king Robert the Bruce—who freed Scotland from English rule—to King of Comedy star Robert De Niro, those who bear the name seem destined for greatness.

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