How did Ivana pass away?

What size is Tiffany Trump?

How much does Ivanka Trump weigh?

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Who will bury me if I have no family?

But if the state finds no family, the estate (if any) will revert to the state. If you die and have no money or relatives, the county or state is responsible for paying for your burial or cremation.

What happens when a person dies alone? Those who are cremated without known relatives normally keep their ashes in the crematorium, where they remain indefinitely. Other times, the ashes are buried with others in a communal lot. See the article : How much is Marla worth?. It all depends on the county rules and restrictions.

How do you bury someone with no money?

Here are some ideas for paying for a funeral when you have no money. On the same subject : Is Trump’s wife American?.

  • Medicaid funeral assistance.
  • Learn about veterans death benefits.
  • Look for prepaid funeral plans.
  • Look for life insurance policies.
  • Consider donating the body to science.
  • Ask for donations.
  • Consider direct cremation.
  • Other things to consider.

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