Who has the most Oscar nominations but has never won?

Did Johnny Depp ever won an Oscar?

How many times did Johnny Depp win an Oscar? Johnny Depp has been nominated for Best Actor three times but never won.

How many Oscars has Jim Carrey won?

Jim Carrey has never won, or been nominated for an Oscar.

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Who has been banned from Oscars?

Roman Polanski He pleaded guilty and fled the country to live in France. Despite this, he continued to receive nominations for the Oscars. Only after a major rebellion did the Academy expel him from the board after almost 30 years since the incident came to light.

Who is banned from the 2022 Oscars? Will Smith, who stormed the 2022 Oscars stage to slap Chris Rock just before winning best actor of the year, has been banned from attending the Oscars and all other Academy events for 10 years, the Academy’s Board of Governors decided on Friday . Read also : What is the most viewed movie ever?.

How many people got banned from the Oscars?

Since adopting its code of conduct, the academy has only expelled three people: Weinstein, director Roman Polanski and writer-comedian Bill Cosby. Read also : Who wins Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do?.

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