Which country buys the most movie tickets?

Who is No 1 Indian movie?

2.Baahubali 2 The Conclusion371.16
3.KGF Chapter 2206.35

What is the No. 1 movie in India in 2022? KGF Chapter 2 and RRR head the list with Rs. 992 crores and Rs. 902 crores respectively are both the second and third highest gross earners of all time in the country. Vikram grew to be the biggest Tamil language film ever to gross over Rs.

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Do Germans watch TV?

In 2020, 72 percent of the German population watched television. To see also : Is field hockey an easy sport to learn?. Average daily television time varied by age group, although German viewers spent an average of around four hours a day.

What is the most watched channel in Germany? In 2021, the German television broadcaster ZDF has the highest market share among television broadcasters in Germany with almost 15 percent. ARD Drei and ARD Das Erste followed on from ZDF.

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