What is the most watched series of all time?

What show was on Netflix top 10 the longest?

1.Squid Game53 days
2.The Queen’s Gambit46 days
3.Strange Things44 days
4.Bridgerton39 days
5.Money Robbery37 days

Which Netflix series is the longest running? What is the longest running Netflix Original Series? Read also : What hits are illegal in hockey?.

  • 8 Big Lips.
  • 7 Kimmy Schmidt is unbreakable.
  • 6 Trollhunters.
  • 5 House of Cards.
  • 4 Bojack Horseman.
  • 3 The Garden.
  • 2 Orange Is The New Black.
  • 1 Gracie and Frankie.

What show was #1 on Netflix the longest?

1/10 Grace And Frankie Seven Seasons A quirky comedy about two women who stay together after their husbands fall in love and run away together, Grace and Frankie might seem like a Netflix’s longest-running show in terms of seasons.

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Which is the No 1 show on IMDb?

1. Game of Thrones (2011–2019) To see also : What is a 16 in hockey?.

Which is the No 1 website in the world? Game of Thrones (2011) No need to introduce Game of Thrones. The drama has a lot of twists and is based on R.R.’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin. The peak of the web is often referred to as Game of Thrones.

What is the highest rated series on IMDB 2022?

1. Moon Knight (2022)

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