What city has the most movie theaters?

In 2021, China reported the highest box office revenue in the world at about US$7.3 billion. This is more than the combined revenues of the United States, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Which country has most movie theaters?

  • China. Advertisement. …
  • United States. Number of theaters in the United States: 40,246.
  • India. Number of theaters in India: 11,000.
  • Mexico. Number of theaters in Mexico: 6,062.
  • France. Number of theaters in France: 5,741.
  • Germany. Number of theaters in Germany: 4,613.
  • United Kingdom. Number of theaters in United Kingdom: 4,046.
  • Russia. Number of theaters in Russia: 4,021.

Which country has the most number of cinemas? According to the latest statistics, China currently has 65,500 cinema screens. In comparison, the US has 35,280, India 11,962 and the UK 3,402.

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Where is the theatre capital of the world?

It’s official – London is now the theater capital of the world. See the article : Which country is No 1 in hockey?.

Which country has the best theatre? Tokyo. The Japanese capital is no stranger to the theatrical tradition with stages and opera houses scattered throughout the city. Performances include international and local acts and sometimes a combination of Japanese music and visual effects. The local theater tradition offers the spectators a unique experience.

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