How much did The Godfather make in today’s money?

Who turned down The Godfather role?

Jack Nicholson refused to appear in ‘The Godfather’ #OnThisDay 1982, Jack Nicholson discussed why he turned down the lead role in The Godfather. Michael Corleone and Pacino benefited each other.

Who was considered for the role of The Godfather? Potential candidates for Michael included the most profitable stars of the era, including Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Ryan O’Neal and Jack Nicholson. “Martin Sheen was considered,” says Seal. On the same subject : Did John Wayne attend Elvis funeral?. “Frank Langella. Nobody wanted Al Pacino except Coppola.

Did Al Pacino turn down Godfather?

Pacino’s agent turned down The Godfather because of that commitment, though the actor personally says no to Ruddy in The Offer. It was up to a disgruntled Robert Evans to secure Pacino, who had the support of his Gulf Western boss Charlie Bludhorn (Burn Gorham), after Ruddy and Coppola ran over Evans.

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Which movie made the least money?

Zyzzyx Road, a 2006 thriller, is the lowest-grossing film in history. Read also : Which is the No 1 movie in India now?. He only earned a mere $30.

What’s the lowest budget movie that made the most money? One of the most successful low-budget films was 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. It had a budget of around $60,000 but grossed nearly $249 million worldwide.

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