Has we don’t talk about Bruno surpassed A Whole New World?

What song is #1 on Billboard 2020?

1 Hot 100 song of the year. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” is the #1 Billboard Hot Song of 2020. Plus, hits from Roddy Ricch, Post Malone, and BTS reign supreme in year-end streams, radio airplay, and sales respectively.

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Are the triplets 50 in Encanto?

Bruno, Pepa and Julieta are triplets and are all 50 years old with a shared birthday (October 17). However, the siblings are all different in height. Bruno is 5’4′ (162.6cm), Julieta is 5’5′ (165.1cm) and Pepa is the tallest at 5’7′ (170.2cm).

Who is the youngest triplets in Encanto? Antonio Madrigal – 5 years Antonio is the youngest in his family to date and can talk to animals. See the article : What is Mirables gift in Encanto?. This ability helps him uncover a huge secret in Encanto, but he’s too young to really tell.

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