How many Litres is 1 kg?

Question: What is the minimum number of olive trees needed to produce olive oil? A: For olive oil and olives on a small acreage you need 4 to 6 trees because of the planting issue. More trees produce better results for fruit development.

How do you convert kg oil to liters?

Do you know that 1 KG of oil is equal to 1. Read also : Why are field hockey fields wet?.1 Liter of Oil?

  • Liter is the unit of Volume. …
  • The density of oil is less than that of water and that is why oil floats in water. …
  • Density of water = 1 kg/Litre, so density of oil = 0.9 kg/Litre.
  • That is, 0.9 kg oil = 1 Liter of oil and 1 Kilo Gram of oil = (1/0.9) Liter = 1.1 Liter.

What does 1 liter of oil weigh in kg? = 0.918 Kg. Q. To heat autorikshaws, petrol and fuel are mixed in the ratio 40 : 1. How many liters of fuel are needed for 5 liters of petrol?

How many Litres is 1 kg of oil?

Weight in Kilograms:Volume in Liters of:
WaterCooking Oil
1 kg1 l1.1364 l
2 kg2 l2.2727 l
3 kg3 l3.4091 l

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Which is heavier 1kg or 1 litre?

The relationship between weight and volume is called density, and it measures the amount of weight relative to a given volume. Water has a density of 1 kg/L, i. Read also : Is Olympic hockey pitch wet?.e. 1 liter of water has a weight of 1 kg.

Is 1kg also 1 liter? One liter of water weighs about one kilogram when measured at its maximum temperature, which occurs at about 4 °C. It follows, therefore, that 1000th of a liter, known as one milliliter (1 mL), of water weighs about 1 g; 1000 liters of water has a weight of about 1000 kg (one ton or megagram).

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