How do you convert volume to weight?

The weight per unit volume of a substance is called its density.

How do you convert liquids to pounds?

To convert a fluid ounce measure to a pound measure, divide the volume multiplied by the density of the ingredient or material by 15.337783. Therefore, the volume in pounds equals the fluid ounces times the density of the ingredient or material divided by 15.337783.

How much liquid does a pound make? Answer: 16 ounces (oz) of water equals 1 pound of weight. See the article : Why are hockey pitches Blue?.

How many cups of liquid are in a pound?

How many cups in a pound of water. So 1 pound of water equals 1.92 cups.

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Is 100mL equal to 100g?

Is 100 ml the same as 100 g? At standard temperature and pressure, 100 ml of water weighs 100 g. This may interest you : Is 100 g the same as 1 cup?.

Is 1g equal to 100ml? 1% = 1 g in 100 ml ( = 1000 mg in 100 ml = 10 mg in 1 ml)

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