Who created money?

Why is Ben Franklin on the 100 dollar bill?

Franklin was one of the – if not the – most important founders of our country. His work in forging the Declaration of Independence is considered crucial in the formation of the nation, so it’s good that his likeness is on this important bill.

Has Ben Franklin always been on the $100 bill? Statesman, inventor, diplomat and American founder Benjamin Franklin has been on the front of the bill since 1914. This may interest you : What does Trump order at McDonald’s?.

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What bill is Abraham Lincoln on?

The $5 bill has a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln on the front of the bill. To see also : What does Trump eat at mcdonalds?. The vignette on the back of the note changed in 1929 to show the Lincoln Memorial.

Who’s in the $100,000 bill? The $10,000 note bearing the portrait of President Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, was the highest-denomination U.S. currency ever publicly circulated.

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