What is a very poor person called?

beggar. butt. dependent. destitute. down and out.

How do you say lower class in a nice way?

lower class

  • of low origin,
  • common,
  • humble,
  • wicked,
  • worse,
  • short,
  • miserable life
  • low born,

Is it right to speak of the lower class? lower class on sociology From the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English lower Ë noun [countable] (also lower classes [plural]) an old-fashioned social class that has less money, power, or education than anyone else. To see also : How can I stop being poor?. This is now considered offensive.

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What is a fancy way to say poor?

Penniless. affected by poverty. underprivileged. bankrupt. down and out.

What is affected by poverty? Definition of a person affected by poverty: very poor: poor. See the article : Why do rich people wear simple clothes?.

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