What do people believe about the power of money?

What do people believe about the power of money?

Answer: People think that money is everything in the world. Everything is money and a person without money is not even a human being. This may interest you : What is the golden rule of money?. People believe that money is in strength, money is in the mind, money is in the heart, and lastly, money is everything to them.

What do you mean by the power of money? Having a lot of money gives one more options in life and more influence over others. Of course, our politicians only think about how to best serve the wealthiest people in the country; after all, money is power.

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What is powerful than money?

Knowledge is much more powerful than money. Because if you have knowledge you can earn money and a lot in some cases.

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What is the difference between banking book and trading book?

Basics of a Trading Book It differs from an Investment Book in that the securities in a Trading Book are not intended to be held to maturity, while the securities in the Investment Book are to be held long-term. Securities held in a trading book must be eligible for active trading.

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