Why is it called field hockey?

What is our national game?

Why is Hockey considered the national game of India? Between 1928 to 1956, the Indian hockey team won six consecutive gold medals at the Olympics. Due to the great success of Indian hockey players, hockey is considered the national game of India. The Indian hockey team has won eight gold medals at the Olympic Games.


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Is field hockey a real sport?

The game of field hockey is played widely around the world. Field hockey is, in fact, the second largest team sport in the world played in more than 100 countries. In Canada it is a popular family-oriented sport, played mainly in clubs by men and women.

Is field hockey a women’s sport? Field hockey is not just a women’s game. It is played a lot by men, being a popular game in parts of Europe, India and Pakistan. On the same subject : Which style of fighting is best?. Along with some parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and sometimes in Latin America.

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