Who trashed Miyagi-Do?

Who trashed Miyagi-Do?

Why is Robby mad at Daniel?

Let’s start with Daniel, whom Robby considers a traitor. He believed that Daniel only wanted to help him so that Daniel would lead him into a trap in which the police had become entangled. Instead of blaming his own actions, he blames Daniel for landing in reformatory. There, Robby found out that his dad wanted to visit him.

Why are Miguel and Robby enemies? Fans believe Robby has issues that go far beyond Miguel “Yes, he pushed Miguel and deserves the consequences,” a fan writes. To see also : Is The Karate Kid crane kick real?. “But the only reason Robby dislikes Miguel and shows no mercy in the S2 finale is because he believes Johnny cares [more] for Miguel than for him.

How did Terry Silver Get Rich?
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What did Terry Silver do to Kreese?

He had previously beaten up Stingray who wanted to rejoin Cobra Kai, and promised him he would be allowed to rejoin if he blamed Kreese for being beaten. See the article : Is Mr. Miyagi a real martial artist?. As police close to arresting Kreese, Silver reveals that he framed him for an aggravated assault and attempted murder.

Is Terry Silver worse than Kreese? 1. Silver terry. Terry Silver is worse than John Kreese because who the hell sees this man and decides to use his wealth to finance his grudge against the old man and the teenager.

What does Mr. Miyagi's Rock say?
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