Which karate is best?

Which karate is best?

Is karate or taekwondo more popular?

RankArmy ArtAverage Page Views
1Krav Maga3019
4Mixed martial arts2289

Is karate the most popular? Since then, MMA has succeeded karate as the most popular martial art in the world.

Who started kung fu?
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Is taekwondo or karate better for self-defense?

Karate also tends to spend an equal amount of time on hand and footwork, while Taekwondo focuses entirely on kicks. To see also : Who trained Bruce Lee?. But when it comes to self-defense, Karate works on self-defense more along the way while preparing at least for competitions, while Taekwondo focuses more on competitions than self-defense.

How is taekwondo effective for self-defense? Taekwondo is a very effective martial art in terms of self-defense, although it is not the most effective due to the lack of adequate punches and reasonable punch work.

What's the best fighting style?
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