What was the longest NHL game?

What is the highest scoring NHL game?

Los Angeles defeated Edmonton 10-8 in Game 1 of the divisional semifinals on April 7, 1982 to secure the top spot on this list. See the article : How long is a field hockey game for high school?.

Who scored 7 goals in one NHL game? In addition to being the first, Joe Malone holds the overall record for five or more goal games, including an NHL record seven goals in a game, as well as six goals and three five goal games – in all three seasons. first existence of the NHL.

What is the biggest blowout in NHL history?

1. January 23, 1944: Detroit 15, New York Rangers 0. The most one-sided game in NHL history took place in Detroit on January 23, 1944, when the Red Wings outscored the New York Rangers, 15-0.

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Has there ever been a Stanley Cup Game 7 overtime?

The Red Wings have the distinction of being the only team to ever win the Stanley Cup in overtime in Game 7 of the series. They actually won this feat twice in both 1950 and 1954. The longest drought between overtime winners of the Stanley Cup is 16 years, from 1980 to 1996.

What is the longest 7 game streak in NHL history? The longest seven-hour overtime game occurred in 1987, which required four overtimes, when the New York Islanders defeated the Washington Capitals in an epic game. See the article : Does Ireland call it soccer?.

How often do Stanley Cup Finals go to Game 7?

Most Game 7s in a single playoff season is seven (1994, 2011, 2014). Only three times have the postseason gone without a win (1970, 1973, 1977). In the past 35 seasons since the 1987 expansion of all series to seven-seven, Game 7 has been played in 143 of the 525 series. To see also : Why are hockey games 3 periods?.

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