What martial art is Miyagi-do?

What martial art is Miyagi-do?

Who would win Chozen vs kreese?

fandom. Who would win? If it’s Karate Kid Part II Chozen vs Kreese when he was younger I’d say Kreese wins 7/10 if it’s Chozen vs Kreese today Chozen would win 10/10 and if it’s current Chozen vs younger Kreese is, Chozen would still win in a 9/10 fight. See the article : Is Miyagi do better than Cobra Kai?.

Can Chozen beat Miyagi? He easily defeats Daniel when they spar in Miyagi-Do, making Chozen possibly the most skilled fighter in the modern Karate Kid universe. It is possible that an adult Chozen could beat any character except Miyagi.

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Did Mr. Miyagi really know martial arts?

Although he was never a student of karate, he learned everything that was required for the films.

Did Mr. Miyagi know all martial arts? When The Karate Kid began production, Ralph Macchio (Daniel), William Zabka (Johnny) and Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) knew no martial arts. To see also : Is Muay Thai better than Jeet Kune Do?. Zabka had some background in wrestling but that was it.

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