What is water-based turf?

At the water pipe, there is a valve installed that is connected to the Loxone System and the pop-up sprinklers are activated by the water pressure. The sprinklers are installed just below ground level and as soon as the valve on the water pipe is opened, the sprinkler starts working.

Does artificial turf need to be watered?

Because artificial turf is made of synthetic materials, it does not need water at all, except when the owner decides to rinse occasionally. Giving artificial turf an occasional wash helps keep odors from becoming a problem, especially if pets tend to do their business near the house.

Does water damage artificial grass? The materials used for the manufacture of artificial turf are resistant to water, even when exposed to large amounts of water. See the article : Why are hockey pitches Blue?. Artificial turf can also withstand being submerged for long periods of time without being damaged.

Where does the water go on artificial grass?

The grass roll is manufactured with a perforated support that is hidden in the height of the pile and is not visible when it is installed. Water only drains directly through these holes and into the aggregate base below.

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Should you put sand on artificial turf?

There are many options when choosing an infill, but sand is perhaps the best choice for any artificial grass owner. Natural grass blades are upright because their roots dig into the ground. Read also : What is hockey turf made of?. This is what makes them stand up straight and remain stable even when pressure is applied.

How much sand should be on artificial grass? It is recommended to apply about 4 kg of sand per square meter of artificial grass. This will be enough to weigh down your artificial grass and extend its life.

Do I need to put sand on my artificial grass?

Whatever type of artificial grass you choose, we advise you to always use sand (except for indoor use). Ultimately, it increases the life of the artificial grass. Read also : Why is hockey pitch wet?.

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