What is faster than Cheetah?

What is faster than Cheetah?

What is the 2nd fastest animal in the world?

A pronghorn can run up to 60 miles per hour, which makes it the second fastest land animal in the world (cheetah – 61 mph). Although second to cheetah, the pronghorn can support its speed over time.

What are the 3 fastest land animals? Fastest Land Animals On the same subject : Who is faster a boy or a girl?.

  • 11 fastest land animal rankings:
  • Cheetah. 120.7 km / 75 m / h. …
  • Pronghorn. 88.5 km / 55 m / h. …
  • Springbok. 88 km / 55 m / h. …
  • A quarter horse. 88 km / 54.7 m / h. …
  • Wildebeest. 80.5 km / 50 m / h. …
  • Lion. 80.5 km / 50 m / h. …
  • Blackbuck. 80 km / 50 m / h.

What is the 2nd fastest mammal in the world?

mammalsMaximum speed
1Cheetah109.4 – 120.7 km/h
2free-tail bat96.6 km/h
3Pronghorn88.5 km/h
4Springbok88 km/h

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What is faster than a cheetah?

What is faster than a cheetah? â € ”No animal on earth can run faster. This may interest you : Who is faster than Usain Bolt?. But a peregrine falcon can swoop faster than a cheetah can run.

What can run faster than a cheetah? Though the cheetah is the fastest runner, the pronghorn, also known as the American antelope, is the fastest long -distance runner in the animal kingdom.

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