What does the term bully mean in hockey quizlet?

What can you get a penalty for in hockey?

In addition to a penalty that results in an injury, other examples of hockey penalties that can lead to game misconduct include leaving the penalty area before the penalty has expired, hitting a spectator, leaving the penalty area during an ice fight, racial slurs, attempting to injure non-playing staff such as a coach, or …

How many penalties can you get in hockey? (b) Any player, except in the adult age ratings, who receives four penalties in the same game will be assessed a game-misconduct penalty. To see also : Can you slap shot in field hockey?. Any Adult player who receives five penalties in the same game will be immediately disqualified for the remainder of the game without further suspension.

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What is the name of the field hockey move in which the ball is lifted with the stick?

Scroll. Move the stick to lift the ball off the ground. Read also : How tall is a field hockey goal?. Obstruction. Protect the ball from another player with your body or stick.

What is a film in field hockey? Movement is an important movement in field hockey, in which a player shoots or “hits” the ball by lifting it with his stick. It is the move a player uses to take penalties, but it is also very useful in normal gameplay.

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