What do British people call crackers?

What do British people call crackers?

In the UK, Darwish cream is called “cream-squirty”.

What are American biscuits called in Australia?

In Australia, & quot; Biscuits & quot; is what the United States calls & quot; cookies, & quot; and these ancient traditions date back to World War I. The wives and mothers of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers – abbreviated as & quot; Anzac & quot; – reportedly baked these medicines to send to their husbands abroad.

What is a breakfast biscuit called Australia? Butter cream cheese aka Australian Scones. See the article : How to have a more muscular back ?.

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What is eggplant called in the United Kingdom?

Why do the British call their eggplant ‘aubergine’? See the article : What is soccer called in Australia?.

What is an eggplant in Britain? Eggplant or Aubergine The British borrowed a few words from their French neighbors and none of them are as well known as Aubergine, the eggplant in the United States. badhinjan and the Persian word plural before.

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