What do British call condoms?

What do British call condoms?

Why was rubber so important in ww2?

Thousands of products were made of rubber and many were found there in intricate weapons like ships, airplanes, and motor vehicles. Rubber was needed for an incredible number of products and parts. Items such as gas masks, life rafts, and countless parts needed a ribbon for various war gear.

Why was rubber so important? Natural rubber is one of the most important polymers for human society. Natural rubber is an essential raw material used to create more than 40,000 products. Used in medical devices, surgical gloves, aircraft and car tires, pacifiers, clothing, toys, etc.

Why did they need rubber in ww2?

The US army needed rubber for a number of reasons during the war, especially for truck, aircraft and jeep tires. During World War I, Germany had manufactured synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber didn’t need any natural rubber, and was more durable than its natural equivalent.

What is a rubber in British slang?

Rubber. This is an informal way of saying condom on US – so rubber is contraceptive. We call them condoms in the UK. And we use rubber to draw pencil marks from paper. That’s a eraser.

What is Rubber in American Tongue? But in the United States, the word “rubber” is a joy for a condom.

What does rubber mean in Old English?

rubber [multiple] U.S. old fashioned boots for boots. popovaphoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus / GettyImages. More examples.

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