How high can a hockey ball go?

Can you lift the ball into the D in hockey?

Players who deliberately raise the ball near knee height to the opponent in the playing distance must be penalized for dangerous play (free hit to the opponent). A player can intentionally lift the ball when hitting it only if it is shot at the goal (inside the circle and towards the goal net). This may interest you : How fast can a 2 year old run?.

Can you lift the ball in indoor hockey? No hitting, either upside down or open stick allowed during the game, this includes ‘slapping’ the ball. Players stick must remain below knee height throughout the game. The ball must remain in contact with the floor at all times and must not be lifted while passing, dribbling or shooting.

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How do you hit the ball harder in field hockey?

To hit harder, you need to generate more force which means practicing a fast swing. Read also : Which country is No 1 in hockey?. Another thing to remember is to keep your head down and body low throughout the entire swing and keep all your weight on your front foot.


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