Who was 27th president?

Was Taft’s foreign policy successful?

Taft’s efforts to devise a new look for American foreign policy have generally failed. This may interest you : Who survived the most assassination attempts in history?. US trade with China actually declined under Taft.

What were President Taft’s successes? Angry politics diminished appreciation for Taft’s many accomplishments. He signs the first tariff revision since 1897; set up a postal savings system; formed the Interstate Commerce Commission; and prosecuted more than 75 antitrust violations, far more than “trust-buster” Theodore Roosevelt was prosecuting.

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How did President Taft’s achievements compared to Roosevelt’s?

How do President Taft’s accomplishments in retaining and breaking trust compare to those of President Roosevelt? Taft doubled the number of antitrust lawsuits, expanded national forest systems, protected hydroelectric sites, and set up a bureau of mines.

How were Roosevelt and Taft similar and different? Taft was in favor of lower fares while TR wanted higher fares. Roosevelt was in favor of a national income tax, but Taft disliked the idea. See the article : How tall are each of the Trumps?. It was the break between Roosevelt and Taft that led to a schism within the Republican Party. This led to Democrat Wilson’s victory in the 1912 presidential election.

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