What is Donald Trumps wife called?

Where is Trumps first wife from?

Ivan Trump
BornIvana Maria Zelníčková February 20, 1949 Gottwaldov, Moravia, Czechoslovakia
He diedJuly 14, 2022 (aged 73) Manhattan, New York, USA
Resting placeTrump National Golf Club, Bedminster, New Jersey, USA
CitizenshipCzechoslovakia Czech Republic (since 1993) USA (since 1988)

What happened to Donald Trump’s first wife? Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, died in an accident as a result of blunt injuries to the torso, the New York office of the chief medical examiner said. The official ruling came the day after 73-year-old Ivana was found dead in her Manhattan mansion.

Who was Trumps 1st wife?

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