What is Celine Dion vocal range?

What is Adele’s range?

As a mezzo-soprano, Adele’s songs are in a range that suits most listeners, singing. This may interest you : How many octaves Whitney Houston?. Adele can mix her chest voice pretty high (E5, 10 notes above middle C), but she doesn’t take it to the extremes of early Mariah or Celine.

Does Adele have a 4 octave range? Adele’s vocal range is approximately B2 â E5 â Bb5, just under three octaves. What is Adele’s vocal type? Adele is a lyrical mezzo-soprano.

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Who has a 9 octave vocal range?

Storms also holds the record for lowest vocal note. The notes reached are actually between G and G#, so in terms of concert tuning, its range is actually 9 octaves and 11 semitones, but since we’re using a hertz measurement, the range is recognize as the full 10 octaves.

Who has the voice of 10 octaves? Tim Storms has a vocal range of 10 octaves and his lowest note is so deep that only elephants can hear it. On the same subject : Who can sing 7 octaves?.

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