What causes Waardenburg syndrome?

Does Waardenburg syndrome cause mental retardation?

Forecast. Children with Waardenburg syndrome have a normal life expectancy. On the same subject : Who is the youngest black belt?. The disease is associated with deafness and neural crest-derived tissue defects, including mental retardation, seizures, psychiatric disorders, skeletal anomalies, and eye disease (including cataracts).

Is Waardenburg syndrome progressive? In WS, some patients experience progressive hearing loss. Of all reported patients with WS who underwent CI, including our four patients, only four of 46 (8.7%) had progressive hearing loss.

What are the effects of Waardenburg syndrome?

The syndrome is accompanied by deafness and pale skin, hair and eye color. A wide bridge of the nose, or widening of the base of the nose, is a relative term. This can be a normal facial feature, but it can also be associated with certain congenital disorders such as basal cell nevus syndrome or trisomy 8, a chromosome defect.

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Which parent determines eye color?

Each parent passes one copy of their eye color gene to their child. In this case, the mother always passes through B and the father always passes through b. This means that all their children are Bb and have brown eyes. Every child shows a dominant trait of the mother.

Can a brown-eyed parent and a blue-eyed parent have a blue-eyed child? A person with brown eyes can have one blue allele and one brown allele, so a brown-eyed mother and a blue-eyed father can produce a blue-eyed child. This may interest you : What type of karate does Johnny Lawrence teach?.

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