Can Michael Jackson play any instruments?

Who is the most musical genius?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is popularly hailed as the greatest musical genius of all time. A child prodigy who wrote his first pieces of music at the age of five, he produced over 600 works before his death at just 35 years old.

What do you call a musical genius? A virtuoso is an incredibly talented musician. See the article : How tall was Michael Jackson before death?. You can also be a virtuoso in non-musical fields.

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How many songs did Michael Jackson make?

As a songwriter, he has written more than 150 songs, with more than 20 reaching a multi-million performance status on American radio and television. To see also : What was the last food that Michael Jackson ate?.

How many records did Michael Jackson produce? American singer Michael Jackson has released 10 studio albums, 3 soundtrack albums, 1 live album, 39 compilation albums, 10 video albums and 8 remix albums. Since his death, 2 albums of previously unreleased tracks have been released posthumously.

How many songs did Micheal Jackson have?

All 147 Michael Jackson songs, ranked from worst to best.

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