Why is The Intouchables rated R?

The title of the film, Intouchables (Untouchables), refers to the circumstances surrounding the protagonists: Driss has almost no future and even his family has abandoned him; while Philip seems so fragile that no one dares to come near him, fearing that he will break.

Did The Intouchables win an Oscar?


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What does Berlioz mean to Philippe and Driss?

Berlioz, the neighborhood outside Paris. At the beginning of the film, Philippe talks about music and gives the name of famous composers like Berlioz. However, Driss makes him believe that he is talking about the district of the same name.

How did Philippe Driss help? Phillipe, refreshed and intrigued by Driss’s genial behavior, convinces Driss to come and work for him despite his lack of experience, or desire, to be his caretaker. To see also : Is Ace Ventura a vegetarian?.

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