Why is it called Intouchables?

Why did Driss go to jail in intouchables?

Philippe‘s friend discovers Driss’s criminal record, which includes six months in prison for robbery. Philippe declares that he doesn’t care about Driss’ past because he is the only one who doesn’t treat him with pity or compassion, but as an equal.

How does Driss change in Intouchables? In particular, Driss steals a Faberge egg from Philippe at the beginning of the film, not knowing its value. He denies it, but eventually returns the egg when he realizes that it is important to Philippe. On the same subject : Is it possible to live without money or power?. By bringing the egg back, Driss shows his emotional maturity and that he has changed through their friendship.

What is the message in the movie The Intouchables?

“Intouchables” will reportedly be remade in English, possibly with Colin Firth as a disabled man. His messages about the healing power of hope, friendship and humor, and about learning to see possibilities rather than limitations, deserve repetition in any language.

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Are Philippe and Abdel still friends?

They are still friends, although they don’t see each other as often as before. The men left France: Abdel returned to Algeria where he opened a bird farm, and Philippe moved to Morocco. Read also : What would happen if everything is free?. “Abdel and I ended our collaboration when we both found our soulmates.

Are Philip and Dell still friends? 2/10 The two eventually settle down and get married While The Upside ends with the audience convinced that Philip and Dell remain friends to this day, an important detail is left out.

What happened to Philippe in intouchables?

Phillipe is a French aristocrat. In 1993, at the age of 42, Philippe suffered a paragliding accident that left him with a cervical spinal cord injury, leaving him unable to feel or move his body below the neck. This may interest you : Is field hockey harder than soccer?. He hired a full-time carer for Abdel after he was released from an extended stay at a rehab hospital.

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