Who won best actress last night?

What film did Will Smith won Oscar?

What did Will Smith win? Will Smith won the award for Best Actor last night at the BET Awards. He was recognized for his lead role in King Richard, with the film taking home the best award.

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Who won best actor 22?

In what was one of the most surprising moments in Oscar history, Will Smith won his first Academy Award – just a few minutes after going on stage to punch Chris Rock in the face.

Who won the Oscars this year 2022? Oscars: Complete List of Winners. To see also : Which film won a record of 11 Oscars?. ‘CODA’ won best picture, Jane Campion named best director; Jessica Chastain, Will Smith, Ariana DeBose and Troy Kotsur won acting awards; and ‘Dune’ won big in the crafting categories.

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