Who has spent the most time on TV?

After a quick google, we discovered that the record for the longest hug was ‘only’ 24 hours and decided to try to beat it. Unfortunately, three years later, that record was broken and now stands at 32 hours, 32 minutes and 32 seconds.

Who is No 1 football player in the world?

RankingPlayer nameClub/Team
1Lionel MessiPSG & Argentina
2Robert LewandowskiBarcelona & Poland
3Kylian MbappePSG & France
4Cristiano RonaldoManchester United & Portugal

Who is the best player in football 2022? World’s highest-paid footballers 2022: Kylian MbappĂ© claims No. 1 as Erling Haaland makes his debut.

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Who owns Guinness?

When did Diageo buy Guinness? In 1997, Guinness and Grand Metropolitan merged to form Diageo. (The words dia and geo mean day and world, a reference to giving pleasure to the world every day.) Shares went public in December and the world’s largest Irish beer giant was born.

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