What was Misabellas gift in Encanto?

Was Camilo trying to save the candle or Mirabel?

When Mirabel tries to go after the miracle candle in the crumbling casita, Camilo (along with Isabela) runs after her to help her get it and save the miracle, because all his life Abuela told them that it the most important object in Encanto is , shows his protective drive to help his family.


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Why did Bruno leave Encanto?

He sacrificed his reputation and went into self-exile for a decade to protect his youngest niece, Mirabel, from being ostracized and treated as he had been after seeing a vision that infused her with the magic of her Family ties disappeared. Read also : How much does Kate Middleton get paid?.

Why did Bruno leave the madrigals? Bruno has been absent from his family for 10 years, within the walls of La Casa Madrigal. He believes that his ability to see the future makes people assume the worst of his visions, which is why he left (and which also caused him to become more eccentric).

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