What virus did Jenny have?

Why was Jenny suicidal in Forrest Gump?

In the beginning, young Jenny prays that she can become a bird and fly away. To see also : What was Forrest Gumps IQ?. Years later, when he escapes and becomes heavily addicted to drugs, he contemplates suicide.

What was Jenny’s trauma in Forrest Gump? Unlike Forrest, who grew up in a loving home, Jenny was physically and sexually abused by her own father as a child. Because the film is told through Forrest’s point of view, we only get a limited glimpse of it, but it’s more than obvious that he was trapped in a terrible cycle.

What is Forrest Gump’s condition?

They noticed that Forrest Gump has various disabilities. Forrest clearly has a mental disability, but he also has a physical disability as a child – a leg brace. Lt. Dan’s missing legs are the film’s most obvious physical disability, but Jenny’s AIDS is also crippling.

Does Forrest Gump have PTSD? The first scene that best represents his PTSD symptoms is when Lt. Dan rips Forrest out of Forrest’s bed at the hospital, yelling at him for saving his life and accusing him of being a cripple. He continues to scold Forrest and tells him that “he was destined to die in this war.” This suggests that Lt.

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