What TV shows have been filmed in Boston?

“Boston Strangler” Keira Knightley will play journalist Loretta McLaughlin in “Boston Strangler,” a film about infamous 1960s serial killer Albert DeSalvo (right). In late 2021 and early 2022, 20th Century Films shot scenes for “Boston Strangler,†a retelling of the series of murders in Boston in the 1960s.

What movie are they filming in Brockton 2022?

‘Finestkind’ a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones filming at Supreme Coffee & Donuts, 741 Crescent Street, Brockton, Monday, May 23, 2022. To see also : What does only in theaters Friday mean?.

What movie was made in Brockton? ‘Don’t Look Up’ is far from the only film made in the Brockton area – there are many more. Brockton is still buzzing after a film crew came to town last week to film scenes from the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up,” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Timothée Chalamet, among others.

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What film is Zendaya filming in Boston?

Directed byLuca Guadagnino
Manuscript ofJustin Kuritzkes
Produced byLuca Guadagnino Rachel O’Connor Amy Pascal Zendaya
ActorZendaya Mike Faist Josh O’Connor

What movie is Zendaya working on in Boston? “Challengers,” directed by Luca Guadagnino of “Call Me By Your Name” fame, tells the story of Tashi (Zendaya), a tennis player turned coach, who helps her husband, Art (Mike Faist of “West Side Story”) from mediocre tennis player to world famous Grand Slam champion, according to Variety.

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