What states go to the movies the most?

Who is the average movie goer?

The average age of pre-sale moviegoers has also dropped significantly, from male 25-54 year olds to a younger majority aged 12-34.

Who goes to the movies the most? See the article : When did the first cinema open?.

What demographic buys the most movie tickets?

Movie ticket sales in the United States and Canada 2015-2021, by buyer ethnicity. In 2021, people who identified as Caucasian and/or White purchased approximately 57% of all movie tickets sold in the United States and Canada. Hispanic and/or Latino consumers accounted for 23% of purchases.

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How many movies does the average person watch in theaters?

In the United States, adults saw an average of 1.4 movies in theaters in 2021, compared to an average of 4. This may interest you : What is illegal in ice hockey?.8 movies viewed per year between 2001 and 2007, the last time Gallup conducted the same poll.


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