What is the biggest movie in India?

Is Radhe hit or flop?

Movie nameRelease dateVerdict
Antim – The Last TruthNovember 26, 2021Just do it
Radhe – Your most wanted BhaiMay 13, 2021Waiting for
Dabangg 3December 20, 2019Semi-hit
Bharat05 June 2019Semi-hit

Why is Radhe Shyam a flop? Speaking of the film’s failure, Prabhas recently told a news portal that it could be because of the covid or maybe they missed something in the script. “Radhe Shyam” was a costumed love drama and the actor also added that perhaps audiences don’t want to see him in love stories, which is why the film may have failed.

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Can KGF 2 beat Dangal?

The Hindi version of “KGF Chapter 2” surpassed the box office collection of “Dangal” and became the second highest-grossing Hindi film of all time. On the same subject : Is the movie Pushpa a flop?.

KGF 2 breaks all records? The Kannada KGF: Chapter 2 film set a new benchmark in the Indian film industry by breaking all box office records.

Who earned more bahubali or KGF?

Baahubali 2 is the only Hindi (or nicknamed Hindi) film to ever hit 500 net crores in India. To see also : Is Ace Ventura a vegetarian?. KGF 2 became the only second Hindi (or dubbed in Hindi) film to ever hit the net 400 crore.

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