WHAT IS A in French?

We use qui to replace the subject or the indirect object* of a sentence. We use that to replace the direct object. *Note: which only replaces the indirect object when a preposition precedes it.

How do you use quand in French?

When do we use the word quand in French?

  • When is used when asking a question. See the article : How can I be rich and successful?. …
  • We also use when to indicate a correlation of two events that occur at the same time. …
  • And you will need to use when if two events occur at the same time repeatedly.

How do you use when in French Questions?

How do you use quand in a sentence?

‘When’ (‘When’) When I saw you, I was scared. > When I saw you, I was scared. On the same subject : What are the main keys of finance?. I’ll see you tomorrow when I arrive. *> I’ll see you tomorrow when I arrive.

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Is Qui feminine?

a. The singular quis is either masculine or gender indeterminate, but in ancient writers it is sometimes distinctly feminine. b. The adjective interrogative pronoun quī, quae, quod (what kind of?


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