What film has lost the most money?

Why was Mulan a failure?

Online reviewers criticized Mulan’s lack of character development; the performances of the actors; various weft holes; the historical inaccuracy of make-up and costumes; and confusing and seemingly slapdash references to Chinese culture.

Why did the Chinese ban Mulan? This was spurred by the recent controversy over the film’s ties to the Xinjiang region, a part of China where the government has been accused of participating in human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other mainly Muslim minorities. On the same subject : Did Canada invent hockey?. Mulan’s ban is a devastating blow to Disney’s profits.

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What is the most watched series on Netflix?

#TV (English)Hours displayed in the first 28 days
1Unknown things 41,352,090,000
2Bridgerton: Season 2656.260.000

What is the most viewed Netflix show? Although, even after amassing more than a billion hours of viewing, Stranger Things still hasn’t managed to overturn Squid Game as the most popular Netflix show of all time. Korean drama about a sadistic game still reigns supreme on the platform – and it will take a long time to get past those huge numbers of viewers.

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