Is MemberDeals real?

Please note that there is no free parking at Disney World with AAA passes, but members can get other special discounts.

What is the genie+?

Disney Genie+ is an optional paid service that allows guests to skip the line and go directly to the Lightning Lane entrance at select attractions. This may interest you : Was Encanto a successful movie?. As of now, annual pass holders will also have to pay the daily fee, but Disney has said that may change in the future.

Do you pay extra for Genie Plus? To use the Genie Lightning Lanes, you must purchase Genie for that day. Buying Genie costs $15 (plus tax) per day at Walt Disney World. This is $15 per person per day, so you can see the costs can really add up. You do NOT have to buy it for each day of your ticket.

What does the Genie plus get you?

Genie is a paid skip-the-line service that allows guests to enter via a dedicated line called the Lightning Lane (think the former FASTPASS Return Entrance) instead of the standby line. Not all Disneyland attractions are available with Genie Plus, which we’ll get into below. This add-on is actually optional.

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What do you need for a GovX account?

Driver’s License or ID Card For more information on your specific state, check out this comprehensive list at When you upload your driver’s license to GovX, you can edit your DL number. To see also : Which is the superhit movie in 2022?. All we need to see is your name and the veteran designation text/badge.

How much discount do I get for GovX? GovX Travel Requirements: The best price on the web, 20-50% average discount and favorable and flexible conditions for our members who often have complex schedules for their work.

What do you need to qualify for GovX?

You are eligible if you are currently enlisted or have previously served and have been honorably discharged from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, or Navy. See the article : Is we don’t talk about Bruno bigger than Let It Go?.

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