Is AMC stub free?

What does AMC Stubs get you?

AMC Stubs members earn points toward rewards, a free birthday gift, online ticket fee waivers, Tuesday specials and more! See more about AMC Stubs and our membership levels here. On the same subject : How can I avoid booking fees on movie tickets?.

What do you get as an AMC Stubs member? Insider members earn 20 points for every dollar spent. Premiere & A-List members earn 5x faster, 100 points for every $1 spent on tickets, concessions and other qualifying purchases. AMC Stubs members can activate $5 in rewards for every 5000 points earned.

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Do you get free refills on popcorn at AMC?

Pick up your 2022 Refill Bucket today and keep the AMC Perfectly Popcorn™ coming!

Does AMC have free refills? Yes, AMC offers free soda refills for guests. This includes both regular and diet sodas. On the same subject : How much does it cost to be an AMC Stubs member?. Guests can refill their drinks as many times as they want during their visit.

How much are popcorn refills at AMC?

A menu itemPrice
Regular Popcorn$7.89
Small popcorn$6.89
Popcorn Bucket$21.99
Filling the popcorn bucket$4.89

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