How many 2 billion dollar movies are there?

How much did it cost to make Buzz Lightyear?

How much did Disney spend on Lightyear? To date, Lightyear has grossed $158 million in theaters worldwide, $94 million of which is domestic. That may sound like a lot, but Walt Disney Co. spent $200 million to produce the film — and that’s not even including tens of millions more in printing and advertising costs.

How much money does a Lightyear make?

light year
Cashier$226.4 million

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Why is Avatar called Indian?

Cameron said the title was a subliminal reference to India. “Avatar” means reincarnation in Sanskrit. James Cameron’s sci-fi film “Avatar” and the magical land of Pandora may have subliminally referenced Hindu mythology, the director said at the weekend.

Is Avatar movie Hindu? Then there’s the movie Avatar, after the Sanskrit word avatÄra (“descent”), in which protagonist Jake Sully enters and explores an alien world called Pandora, inhabiting the body of a 10-foot blue-skinned native. Read also : What is the coolest martial art?. is an idea taken from Hindu imagery of the various avatars of the blue god Vishnu…

Is Avatar inspired from Indian mythology?

The film’s title and various visual and story elements sparked debate about the film’s use of Hindu iconography, which Cameron claimed had inspired him.

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